Edison Robot
As with all Industrial Designers my life of creating things started with pulling things apart and making something different from the components, I enjoyed building and making things with Mechano and Lego, so when I was approached by my friend Brenton to design and manufacture another robot for Microbric and I discovered he wanted to make it Lego compatible I thought "Great I will be getting paid to play with Lego! " little did I know the range of features he wanted to include in this tiny low cost robot, he presented me with a technical package held together with blue tack and four page document outlining the features I needed to include. Approximate 6 months later we are ready for the first release on kick starter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/937295081/edison-fun-robotics-for-tomorrows-inventors 5 days in and it is fully funded and the demand is growing have a look at the video and some images and comments from the design and development process, please buy a few for your friends and family selling under $40.00 Edison is a lot cheaper than the $450.00 offeing from Lego
First off tool sample, all prptotype tooling was done directly from my 3D cad data
Notes to the toolmakers outlining modifications and fine tuning details
research ? or being paid to play with lego ?
prototyping some of the optical parts on my watchmakers lathe
the small parts were polished to optical clarity with diamond paste, the line tracker and obstical detection require reflective surfaces to minimise the cost and number of electronic components
obstical detection, and infrared control all use one IR reciver , this is the proof of concept model
here you can see how the optical surfaces reflect multiply and magnify the sensor points on the finished product
exploded view of the final cad model
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